Hip Replacement Surgery in Perth

Hip Resurfacing

When it’s the right choice

The advantages for this surgery come from the preservation of the bone in the hip joint. Unlike a total hip replacement, this surgery involves covering the femur bone with a metal cap rather than replacing the femoral head all together.

“Like most joint replacement surgeries, the artificial components can loosen and wear over time; therefore, if you need additional surgery in the future, the bone that remains makes the revision surgery less complex.”  says Dr. Rhys Clark.

This surgery also reduces the possibility of hip dislocation as the ball in the joint is made to closely replicate the size of the natural ball. Who is it for? Usually hip join resurfacing is the most successful in treating hip osteoarthritis or for young active males.

The surgery for hip osteoarthritis

Hip joint resurfacing is a type of surgery to treat hip osteoarthritis. It’s very similar to a hip replacement as it involves surgically replacing the damaged bone and cartilage with a metal shell.

A return to sports

This surgery can be very successful for athletes and people who have worn out or damaged their hip joint with activity. Hip resurfacing surgery can mean a return to the active lifestyle that many Australians live for – having this taken away from you is something that can be more painful than the physical pain more often spoken about.

What to expect from surgery

Hip joint resurfacing surgery takes between 1.5 and 3 hours and you can usually go home 1-4 days after your operation. For some patients, they can start putting weight on their leg straight away. For others, walking aids may be needed for a few days post-surgery.